Frequently Asked Questions

And our answers.

What is is an online service that aims to make online data collection clean and easy. We want to keep things as simple as possible - you can create your data collection survey or poll within just a few minutes. Lots of providers lure in customers with promises only to charge for their full functionality - is just that... Free.

What do you mean by 'free'?

None of our services will require a payment - everyone gets all the functionality from day one. From time to time you might notice fundraisers or non-intrusive adverts to help us fund the service, but you'll never need to spend a penny.

What is a Live Poll?

Our live poll system allows your users to interact with online data collection and see the results as they roll in - perfect for webcasts or online streams to assist audience participation. They're also great for public-facing polls where you want to automatically have the results online.

Can I track my responses?

Absolutely! Our Member Zone contains basic statistical analysis with graphical readouts of how your data collection has been going over time. All the individual responses are available as well.

How do I download my data?

Simple click on the big button! The Member Zone page for each poll or survey will allow you to download all the data including timestamps and unique (though anonymous) identifiers to allow you to do your own processing.

What is 'custom branding'?

Custom branding is extra functionality that allows you to change the styling of your survey pages so your users can more easily identify you or your organsation online. You can even include your logo on your survey page!

How can I find out more information?

Feel free to contact our administrator for more information on